Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Understanding and Helping a Borderline

hug encourage help crisis borderline BPD upset comfort suicide pain


 During a Crisis

Encourage  them to use crisis skills,see my Crisis Skills Post 

Things I will be discussing today are:(compulsive)self-harm,things to do/say,things to avoid and tips for friends/family of a borderline.

Top 25 Things NOT to Say (or do) to Someone in Crisis

Crisis Skills 1

Stress Crisis Borderline distract relax cope overwhelming emotions BPD personality disorder hospital cut binge purge self harm suicide destructive scream paranoid delusion dissociation rage
Feel like its all too much & you want to urgently tear your hair out?
Don't worry this will pass,I've outlined lots of suggestions below to help.

3 things to memorize/write down :

 1) Distract

 2) Relax

 3) Cope

Memory Aid 
Dinosaurs Relax in Coats
 Dinosaurs Race Cows
whichever one you like best (or make up your own)


To distract from urges to self-harm & an anxiety provoking thought.
Hold some ice cubes or splash cold water on your eyes. Use a pipette to let red food coloring

Bad Coping Skills

Note : In certain situations it is best to call the emergency services in your country, if this is one of those emergency situations,take a few deep breaths,call them and try to explain the situation as calmly as possible.


Otherwise,hopefully you will find the following tips helpful.

First you need to be willing to identify & change your coping reactions to healthier ones,I know its frightening giving up your safety blanket of things that work for you but they probably have long-term consequences.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May- BPD Awareness Month

Please sign the following petition to help make a difference for the sufferers of this illness

Join NEA.BPD's symbol of hope & wear a ladybug pin.

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