Monday, June 18, 2012

New Treatments For BPD an Easy to Understand Detailed Overview (2012-2013) Part 1

(I will try to keep updating this as time goes by & new studies are published...)

*2012 Video update Coming Soon!* It will include the latest scientific info from review papers on RCTs on drugs & therapies for BPD (more recent than Wikipedia,which I plan to update after I've finished the video) You can subscribe to my YouTube to know when I've uploaded it
But here is a sneak preview while I'm finishing

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Artist-Ferian Moon
We will be looking at Long & Short –Term Treatments like:

DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)
MBT (Mentalisation Based Treatment) (partial
hospitalization & outpatient)
SFT (Schema-Focused Therapy)
TFP (Transference-Focused Psychotherapy)
STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predicatibility & Problem Solving)
GPM (General Psychiatric Management)
DDT(Dynamic Deconstructive Therapy)
NET (Narrative Exposure Therapy)

DBT-ACES (Accepting the Challenges of Exiting the System)
Drug Treatment,ECT & Alternative Treatments