Friday, August 10, 2012

The Way You Say It Is More Important Than The Words

File:Mona Lisa face 800x800px.jpg  anger irritability BPD borderline personality irritability self hate hatred  irrational intense rage throwing screaming relaxation distract management half smile DBT dialectical behavior therapy How to communicate effectively:  
1 Gentle eye contact- it increases trustworthiness and encourages future cooperation, a happy gaze will increase emotional trust.

 2.Kind facial expression.If you think about someone you love,or an event that brought you deep joy & satisfaction, a "Mona Lisa" smile will appear on your face & the muscles around your eyes will soften.

 3.Warm tone of voice-slow down and drop your pitch to convey more trust to others.When expressing joy,your voice needs to become increasingly melodic, whereas sadness is spoken with a flat and monotonic voice.  When we are angry, excited, or frightened, we raise the pitch and intensity of our voice, and there’s a